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Central Seam Plus

Central Seam Plus is perfect for economical commercial and
industrial applications that need the extra strength and durability

of a mechanically-seamed roof.

Pre-punched panels are available and self-engaging backup plates

allow for easier installation

Central-Loc Standing Seam

Central-Loc is a structural standing seam profile. It is a durable and
economical solution for both commercial and industrial applications.
The Central-Loc profile has a snap lock-joint for ease of installation.
Floating clips allow for thermal roof expansion and contraction
during extreme temperature changes and factory-applied sealant
ensures a secure, weather-tight lap.

Central Span Standing Seam

Central Span is a mechanically-seamed metal panel. It has a standard
flat pan with mild striations and a vertical rib, giving it an appearance

often favored by traditional architects. Central Span roofs meet the

requirements for a wide range of roof slopes, shapes, loads, weather,

and related conditions.

Central Snap Standing Seam Roof System

Central Snap is a performance-rated, non-structural, standing seam
roof system that offers a pleasing architectural look. It has an easy

to install 13/4″ high snap-lock joint, making it ideal for architectural

and light commercial applications. Central Snap is available in

net coverage widths of 16″ or 18″, and features a Fluropon™ paint


Central Snap is available with a 1
1/8” notch on either end of the panel
for the ease of turning under, reducing installation labor and costs.